1st Appt with midwife

Met our midwife today, Laura, she seems really nice. New to our practice from NHS  Glasgow. There's a lot of questions to answer, I'm not sure about Caroline yet but I felt like I was being interviewed for a new job...! We found out we were out by one day on out EDD, Caroline is good with dates! All seemed to be going well until it was time for Laura to take the required blood samples. First vial filled fine, then Laura informed us that the vein she was attempting to harvest from had collapsed. Not good. Almost sent Caz over the edge. She doesn't really do needles/jags and this wasn't what she wanted to hear. Ended up talking her into trying the other arm, rather than having to come back. Best to get it out the way.
Success!! Laura got the required amount. Caroline needed a bit of a lie down after that. At least we know she could never be a junkie so that's a good thing right?!