Morning sickness.

Heading into week 8 of pregnancy, and it seems like morning sickness could be about to hit. Leaving for work this morning and Caroline tells me "I feel sick." She doesn't do sickness, not even when hungover. She fights it. 

Midway through week 8 now, and still no sickness despite pretty regular feelings of nausea. "It'll pass" I tell her, but what do I know. I just want her to be a the top of her game, I hate seeing her battle through it. She's a trooper though. A slice of toast and she's good to go!

Midway thorough week 12 and still no morning sickness. The feeling of nausea seems to be a bit stronger and generally Caroline starts to feel rough every 4 hours or so, but nothing yet.

Started week 13 and the nauseous feelings are beginning to subside. Caroline still feels a bit rough during the night but day times are better!