EDD scan

Today's the day we finally get to meet our baby for the first time. It may only be on screen and a photo afterwards but it feels amazing. 
We have take then decision to not find out the sex of the baby, in a way it helps to prolong the surprise! This causes a bit of a headache over choosing names as you have to do double the work and you never realise how many people you actually dislike until you have to start picking names! We have quite a substantial list though, just in case!

Just had the scan... What an amazing experience! Such clear images of our little bump, our cheeks are hurting from smiling! "So far, so good" according to the ultrasound nurse so that is a relief for both Caroline and me. She worries all the time so this is something less to worry about. The only thing she's not happy with is the surprise blood test the nurse sprung on her! Laura told us there wouldn't be more bloods taken until 28 weeks! Caroline needs time to prepare for these things!
Have attached a copy of the scan, for posterity purposes!