I Get A Kick Out Of You (see what I did there?)

How do everyone?!
Apologies for the late blog, it's been a bit quiet on the baby front of late. 
Work has been hectic. Elvis is on holiday through in Glasgow staying with our friend Chris for the week (he was not impressed with the car journey, spent most of his time huddled on his bunny loo giving me evils in the rear view mirror!)
and we've kind of been preoccupied with getting ready for our last big vacation/"Baby's Day Out" (awesome movie btw, why is it not on the flight?) Currently, we are somewhere over Canada, 38001 feet in the air, flying towards Las Vegas ✈️🇺🇸
I guess I have time write a new post now cos there's sod all else to do. Caroline is sifting through some trashy magazine she picked up at the airport because it had a free mascara (obviously didn't get mascara at the MAC counter I was dragged to then) and Granny and Grandad are having a nap in the row behind us! I've watched all the good movies!! (More on that later...)

So, as you may have guessed from the post title, I got to properly feel the baby kick today!! Just a couple of wee bumps, but enough for me to know that someone is definitely in there! 
Caroline first felt it last week and now she knows what's she's looking for has been feeling it a lot ever since. She describes it as like drinking a can of soda on an empty stomach, the way it bubbles away. 
Just before I started watching Jurassic World, Caz grabbed my hand and thrust it towards her slightly expanded tummy ("It seems to be growing by the minute" she said earlier!) I placed my hand on her wee bump and there it was, clear as day, a couple of little nudges on the palm of my hand, somewhere over Iceland. Maybe a sign that the baby will share our dinosaur obsession - Remember the wedding?  Lovely Other Dinosaurs anyone?! They're in my suitcase btw, for various photo ops! 
It made me feel a bit more emotional than I already was, having just watched Fast & Furious 7  - I missed it at the cinema as Caroline is resisting my attempts to get her to watch the box set with me. It will happen though! I'm not ashamed to say I almost shed a tear at the end, a great tribute to Paul Walker 😭. Nothing will top the feeling of those nudges on my hand... For now at least! 
Over and out for now, I'll aim for at least a couple of posts this week to document being pregnant in Las Vegas. Let's be honest, it's only gonna happen the once!