The Dancing Baby (not that creepy one from Ally McBeal!)

We're home from Las Vegas with an absolute s**t tonne of baby stuff!! Every time we walked past a shop that had kids stuff in, we came out with another bag!! We bought 17 babygrow's, 4 pairs of Converse, 2 Teddys and 7 bibs amongst others! I made a wee Flipagram video, which you can find on my profile by clicking the orange link, because I had time to kill the other night! It's the one that's starts with the image of Dumbo!!

We went for our 20 week/Fetal Anomaly Scan today. Caroline was a bit apprehensive I think, worried because the sonographers would be actively looking for any abnormalities that might be present in our little one. I am pleased to say that everything appears to be completely normal and baby is growing as expected at this stage.
It was more difficult for Caroline to see what was going on because she was lying on the bed, but I got a good view of everything. It was utterly fascinating to watch the sonographers at work. And the detail shown on the screen was incredible! - They asked us if we would like to know the sex of the baby, but we declined. As Geri put it, "It's like getting your Christmas presents early then wrapping them up again!" - and to be honest I couldn't see anything in that department anyway, they could have told us and showed us and I would still have been like "Yeah, ok if you say so, I'll stick with the things I can actually see, like the head and legs!" 
Caroline started to feel a bit iffy halfway through the scan, but the nurse explained that this was because she was lying on her back, which she hasn't done for nearly five months, and the baby was squashing an artery which pumps blood back up from her feet to her heart.
One thing they did mention was that baby was lying "flex breech" (I'll be spending tonight Googling what this is and any potential problems that could arise from this). However, the nurse did say that it's not a problem right now as baby still has a potential 19 weeks to go and therefore has plenty of time to move position, but if it's still the case at full term, it could be an issue. 
That aside though, they said baby looked very comfortable in there, and was a little mover! Every time they thought they were going to get a decent photo, s/he would wriggle about and pull off some dance moves! 
Next midwife appointment is in 10 days, so I'll hopefully have more details from the scan then!

And lastly, we're going to Mamas & Papas tomorrow night (if the snow holds off) to start buying furniture for the nursery, pram, car seat and all sorts of other cool stuff - I'm getting a Morph (Yeah, I'm gonna be one of those guys!)

But chances are high I'll look more like this...

Than this...