Vegas Baby

So far so good on the trip to Las Vegas! Baby Irvine has made a marked appearance on Caroline and is wriggling about at all hours.
Apparently s/he loves it when Caz is playing on the Batman & Robin slot machine, must be her lucky charm as she won $356 the other night. Not bad for a 50 cent bet!! 
Also, baby had a rare time when we went to see Diana Ross in concert last night too
Food wise, the restaurants have been really good with Caroline, altered parts of menu to suit her needs etc, although I think she was a bit miffed last night when she couldn't have any of the bourbon ice cream that came with the dessert we shared!
We've purchased a decent amount of baby clothes in the shops, this one is one of my favourites so far!! 
Off out again tonight, venturing to an Italian restaurant off strip to celebrate my last night as a 30 year old, and to start carb loading for the 5 & 10k runs I'll be participating in over the weekend before we head home. Wish me luck!!