Eat, Shrink & Be Merry

As part of the nesting process we have been trying to repair/renew any broken or damaged bits around the house. This included the tumble dryer which worked for a whole SIX days!!! Go us! During these six days Caroline washed and dried like a demon, but we were not without casualties. A new t-shirt I'd bought for Christmas (with loads of gingerbread men and candy canes on it)  had unwittingly clambered in amongst a load of towels. At least baby has a new top they can grow into quite quickly. Hell, it might even fit Elvis!!
After the initial discovery, several stages of emotional torment ensued. First, denial. I watched as Caz opened the door and then slammed it shut again, standing protectively in front of the dryer. Then, there was around five minutes of  frantic pulling at the Barbie-sized fabric. Finally, as I watched the whole sorry episode unfold, came the epic finale of the piece. A weepy Caroline, holding a tea-cosy sized t-shirt and sniffling about tiny cotton gingerbread men. I thought I had already covered hormones in this blog, but it would appear to to a recurring problem.

Currently it's all quiet on the baby front. Apart from some growth of the bump, it appears to have come up overnight! The first photo is from Christmas Eve and the second is Christmas Day!

Dads2B class finished last week. Two of the guys who had completed the classes before came in with their kids. There was 12 week old Finlay who was dressed as an elf for Christmas and 2 week old Charlotte who spent the entire 2 hours asleep! Both were really content little babies, I'll be quite happy if we have one like that! The dads spent a fair bit of time describing the birthing process their respective partners had gone through... Not gonna happen.

Baby got some great gifts at Christmas from me, Caroline, Marie & George, some baby books from the Andersons and a wee rattle from Glen too. Here is a Flipagram you can watch.
Personally, I am loving the bunny blanket Granny Marie knitted and the "I listen to Nirvana with my daddy" vest from the Mrs.

Officially we are now into the 3rd trimester, and have decided to book in for a private scan at our local Babybond facility. On New Years Eve we'll be seeing our baby in 4D for the first time and finding out a fetal weight estimation amongst other stuff.

Caroline has been taking it easy and enjoying the time off over the holidays and is back in contention for the gold medal in the sport of "Extreme Napping!" Best to get it in now I suppose! Even while the napping is going on s/he is quite active, every day I can see baby bumping away inside! After our wee scare a couple of weeks ago I ordered a Count The Kicks wristband for Caz so she can keep tabs throughout the day.

I'll let you know how the scan goes in the new year!