Hit me baby one more time...

Morning all, how's tricks? I can't sleep, that's why I'm writing a blog at this hour. 

Since my last blog I've started my Dads2B classes at St Johns Hospital, we've been to Mamas & Papas and ordered the car seat, pram and all of the furniture for the nursery, organised the painter to decorate the house and had our last midwife appointment of the year! It's been quite a busy fortnight! 
The decorator can't come until the end of January, but that's fine as it lets us get Christmas out of the way first. 
Our tree!

So, Dads2B... Some great guys in my class, most are due Dec/Jan/Feb time. Our due date is the latest, being April, but I might consider doing the class again in Feb/Mar as a refresher! 
Week One we learned about labour and the birthing process, Braxton Hicks, what to pack in "The Bag", the importance of a gym ball, the "Swan Effect" and the "Golden Hour" (skin to skin.) Feel free to ask if you need further explanation.

Week Two was all about what pain relief options are available and how they may or may not affect mother and baby, (we were advised to try and sneak a shot of the Gas & Air as its "really good stuff!") cot safety and bathing and changing skills (using dolls!) We were supposed to go up to the maternity ward to see an actual newborn baby be bathed by Andie,the midwife who helps run the course, but on the night there were no suitable babies available so we'll try again this week. The babies need to be at least 24 hours old for it to happen.
There's something a little bit hilarious about a group of grown men practicing changing nappies and bathing dolls, but at the same time it's quite empowering! 
Us modern men are not just hunter/gatherers you know! 

Midwife appointment went well and everything is progressing as planned, according to Laura. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, I could sit and listen to it for hours! 

The nursery furniture is coming at the end of January, along with all the other bits and bobs we've picked. I know what Caroline is like when she gets a vision of something, so what she has planned I can't wait to share with you all. I might post some pics in March when everything is complete before baby arrives.

As you may have seen from Facebook if we're friends there, we got to see baby properly kicking Caroline's tummy on Saturday. We seriously think s/he is having a wee party in there!! 
Not quite as detailed as the image above, yet, but enough for us to see her tummy getting lifted.

Until next time!