28 Weeks Later

As of today we are 200 Days Pregnant!!

I hope you are all well. We've had an eventful few days since the last post...

We were supposed to have our 28 week check up with our midwife, Laura, yesterday, but Caroline managed to see her on Monday as she has had a pain in her lower abdomen since Saturday which has spent the weekend progressing to her back and legs. As far as I am aware, everything at the appointment went well, and huge news - Caroline had bloods taken by a student midwife, ON HER OWN! For those not in the know, she usually has to be revived after that sort of trauma. Giving blood samples, vaccinations... So roll on April!!

Continuing on from my last blog on the events of last week with the constant peeing, when it got to the stage that Caroline was meeting herself coming back from the bathroom in the middle of the night we kind of had an inkling that something wasn't quite right.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and we treated ourselves with a visit to Ward 10 at St Johns - The Antenatal Day Ward. After providing samples, Kirsten the Midwife showed us to a side room and hooked Caz up to a monitor for half an hour to check on baby's heart rate and movements. I managed to get a recording of the heartbeat! Whenever I work out how to upload it from my phone to the blog I'll do so, technophobe that I am!
While she was lying on the bed, a nurse came round to offer another pregnant woman in the room the food menu for today. I got "The Look."
The one that says "Not Happening."
The one that also means I have to ensure that it does not happen!
You know the one.

Once Kirsten was happy that everything seemed fine we went for a scan to check the amniotic fluid levels the Doctor on call deduced that Caz has the beginnings of a Urinary Tract Infection.
Baby gave us a "Thumbs Up" signal, which the Doctor was very impressed by! He told us it was something he hadn't seen a baby do before during a scan! I bet he says that to everyone though, there's images of babies with thumbs up during scans all over Google.

Elvis knew that Caroline wasn't 100%. He was apparently more affectionate when he was alone with Caroline yesterday morning, coming over to give her some nudges and cuddles to make sure she was ok. He's like The Dog Whisperer, but for humans! (Fiona, remember what he did with Laura when she broke her leg!)  However, since I brought her home from hospital Elvis has gone back to sleeping under the table and left the caretaking to me!! We did manage to wake him up long enough on Saturday to snap an adorable wee pic of him giving the bump a cuddle.

Caroline had a terrible night last night, the UTI was in full swing and I think she clocked up 20 visits to the bathroom in an 8 hour period. She couldn't stand, sit or lie down without pain and discomfort. And there was nothing I could do to ease her pain or relax her. I hate feeling helpless. At 5 o'clock this morning there were tears of pain, tiredness and sheer frustration. After another phone call to St Johns she was given a time for the growth scan and told she would see a doctor who would prescribe appropriate painkillers. 

The growth scan went well. Baby is now up to 2lbs 6oz but is slightly smaller than they would expect at this stage. Nothing to worry about though. Just a little pea pod! 

The sonographer did mention that Baby is in a fantastic position now, that being "Face Down, Ass Up!!" (Club Earth circa 2002 anyone?!)