In the wee small hours

Happy New Year folks!

We spent Hogmany afternoon at our local Babybond facility getting some 4D images of Bump! It was incredible!
Seeing the baby on screen at our 12 & 20 week scans was amazing, but this was something else entirely! The images are so clear, and it was great to watch baby moving around on the big screen in front of the bed! S/he even had the hiccups at one point!
Our sonographer, Helen, said that baby is coming along nicely, everything is completely normal and baby has since moved to a good position after lying flex breech at our last scan in November and at the time of the scan weighed roughly 2lbs! She also noticed that baby seems to like sucking his/her toes!!!

So, what else has been happening?
Nesting is back on in a big way! 
We've spent the last few nights clearing out the kitchen units and the "drink cupboard" under the stairs! It was quite amusing watching Caroline's eyes light up holding a bottle of vodka! She's not an alcoholic, honest, she's just missing her Cosmopolitans!!
Talking of drinks...
As I'm typing this, we've been in bed for half an hour and she has been to the bathroom THREE times. She only has to look at a drink and needs to wee again! The other morning Caroline said that she thought baby was using her bladder as a pillow. Seems to be more like a trampoline! Also, apparently the Mrs is up close to 7 times a night to go again during an 8 hour period! I am totally unaware and my sleep remains undisturbed... For now...

After some great recommendations from fellow new dads at DadCamp, I've bought bump a "Ewan The Dream Sheep." It plays actual womb and heartbeat sounds plus harp, rain and vacuum cleaner noises - who worked out that hoovers were soothing?! Weirdos! 
We have our next midwife appointment on Tuesday afternoon. I wonder if Caz has remembered that she'll be getting more blood tests! Heh heh heh!