10 Things I've Learned As A New Daddy This Week (Part 3)

1. At almost three weeks old, Mara is already an overachiever, having met her target weight gain goals days in advance and smashing through them with gusto!
95 grams in four days! Way to go my lil star! 

2.** Never trust a baby.
Just because they're smiling away and seem all happy and content doesn't mean they aren't about to unleash some unholy terror from between their nappy area. Always be on your guard.

3.** Wearing baby poo is going to become part of my daily routine. I have made peace with this fact. According to some friends it will only get worse!

4. My Mrs can give a pretty detailed description of what's currently happening "down there".

5. When your wife wakes you up at 03.00am to set up the kit for the breast pump machine, don't greet her with a "Have we not just done this?!" 
"Yes, we may have just did it at midnight, and we'll be doing it again at 06.00am. Every three hours, remember?! Forget it, I'll do it myself."
She might get a bit pissy with you.

6. Seeing your baby girl, who is a day shy of being three weeks old, being evicted from the incubator she's called home since she was born and upgraded to a heated cot because the "Aunties" in SCBU are so impressed with her progress that they think she is ready for it will really play with your emotions! 

7.** A pump with a lump... Use your imagination!

8. I can't remember what this one was going to be as I appear to have a touch of "baby-brain." Not as bad as Caroline has it though, she kinda trails off mid-sentence and looks into space.

9. See number 8!

10. Both Caroline and myself are totally overwhelmed by the well-wishes we have received from people! Those of you who we haven't seen or heard from in a long time, and those we haven't even met, thank you for taking the time to get in touch! It means a lot!!

**Apologies for the poop heavy post, but it has literally been that kind of week!