10 Things I've Learned As A New Daddy This Week (Part 5)

1. The sense of excitement when you come into SCBU to find that Mara has been upgraded to the Monkey Mansion, also affectionately know as "The Departure Lounge" is pretty awesome!
One step closer to coming home!

2. Mara is a crafty genius! She made Caroline a card for Mother's Day on Saturday night after we left and managed to print off a selfie showcasing her new outfit to stick on the inside! 

3. Bath time is awesome... Not so much for the baby being bathed maybe but definitely more fun for the parent doing it!

4. When your baby is 26 days old and is growing out of baby clothes for up to 4lbs in weight, but the next size up is scarily big and she gets lost in them.
The 4lb clothes might fit Elvis now, though I can't imagine he'd be too impressed!

5. When she's breast feeding Mara, Caz does not appreciate being referred to as a "Capri-Mum!" Personally, I thought I was hysterical given the noises the little one makes!

6. Seeing your baby have a Retinopathy of Prematurity test is horrifying. It reminded me of an Eli Roth movie! (Hostel? Or the Goretorium in Las Vegas anyone?!) 
I couldn't let Mara do it on her own mind you, but I could have done with a cuddle after it! Poor wee lamb didn't like it much.

7. According to my lovely wife, nappy changing is now a competitive sport! Bring it on!

8. We are "rooming in" at the hospital tonight and are both incredibly excited!

9. Another day, another laceration to her chubby little cheeks. Maybe she's trying to recreate the scar I gave to myself for Christmas last year. Who knows?
I've put little socks on her hands instead of scratch mittens, they seem to stay on better!

10. Caroline would like me to alter the blog slightly so she gets equal rights and royalties (whatever that means!)
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  1. I'm going to have to say that #6 is my favorite, not so much because it was horrifying, although horror is my favorite genre (I know, sick, huh???), but because you and I are on the same wave length. You call your daughter a wee lamb, and I call my son "Baby Lamb," even though he's 23 years old. LOL!!! He acquired that name while he was on the high school swim team. You could always hear me cheering him on with "Go, Baby Lamb!!!" After that, his friends and his swim team coach began calling him Baby Lamb. Poor thing...............

  2. Hi Unknown!
    Thanks for the comment (your the first on my blog, ever!!) Nice to know that someone else has my sense of humour!


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