10 Things I've Learned As A New Daddy This Week (Part 15)

1. I'm so thankful we already have Mara.
This week alone I've been kicked in the balls twice by her (surprisingly strong for a near 5 month old) and was brought to my knees by our friends dog, Bear - again, hit square in the knackers!

2. All of my clothes smell of sick. I generally leave the house with stains on my t-shirts most days.

3. Just because a song from a toy is catchy doesn't mean it's any good. Norovirus is catchy. I hear Caroline humming the baby gym songs at random points every day!

4. Babies give you endless amounts of new material to write about but zero time to write it.

5. When your baby laughs the world makes sense. She's working on her giggles and belly laughs.

6.Mara's poo stare is really something to see.

7. We've discovered Disney films this morning. It took me 4 attempts to walk out the sitting room with her while The Lion King was on!

8. Tiny hasn't quite grasped the concept of traffic lights yet. She quite likes when the car is in motion, but God help you if you have to stop for longer than 5 seconds!
9. Mara threw up a little earlier and then decided to heavy breathe all over me as she came in for a cuddle. My body performed a vasectomy on itself.

10. Tonight is DATE NIGHT!
The first proper date night since Mara was born... It's mostly going to consist of cleaning the house, hoovering, a nice dinner followed by a movie rental on SKY (we might actually get to see The Revenant, just 6 months behind everyone else) and then bed for 9pm if we're lucky!
I'm gonna miss her, even though she's only going to be staying next door with her Gran & Papa, but we did have a little chat earlier, lots and lots of dirty nappies for them please!!