Mara's Diary - 6 Months & Counting (Part 1)


I tried to eat my bib for dinner tonight. It tasted awesome, much better than that green stuff they shove towards my face all the time.


I left a little bit of sick on the back of the sofa today. They wont find that for ages.


Today I was in a really grabby mood. I felt like grabbing everything I could. Including mummy's hair.


I screamed the place down for food at dinnertime tonight and then screamed even louder because I didn't want the food the big people were giving me. I don't understand why I wasn't just allowed to eat my bib. Who's running this show?


I stared at the ceiling lights in the living room for absolutely ages today. They're so beautiful. I think I could look at them forever.


A new toy arrived for me today in the post. I wasn't too sure about it so I put it straight in my mouth to explore. Still not convinced but I left it in there anyway.


My teeth were really bothering me today. When I'm crying and in pain why do all the big people think I want to see them pulling daft faces? They have no idea what I'm going through.