Mara's Diary - 6 Months & Counting (Part 2)


Went to the shops with Daddy at the weekend, some woman thought I was only three months old. Daddy got quite annoyed. I took it as a compliment!


I cried for ages last night because I had a sore tummy so the big people put me in their bed which was much more comfortable than my own stupid cot. SO... if that's what happens if I cry at night... I'll have to try it more often!


Came up with a great idea today. I can hide food under my chin between there and my neck and then I can snack on it later. They’ll never find it there. I am a genius.


I wish the big people would stop singing at me. I don't know how much more I can take. Especially when the fuzzy one joins in. Maybe they could learn some new songs or something. I don't want to hear about Old  MacDonalds farm, I don't even know who the guy is! And Miss Polly should get her dolly put down if she's sick all the time. Gross.


I'm so glad I'm only little, the big people always seem to be so tired. Maybe they should sleep some more. Sleep is incredible!


I'm getting a little bit fed up of strangers squeezing my cheeks and touching my feet when I'm out. Here's a suggestion – if I don’t know who you are, don’t touch me. How does that sound?!


Why do the big people feel the need to wipe my face every time I've had something to eat? Maybe I like it there. Maybe I want to save some for later. Wipe my toosh all day long but stay away from my face.