Mara's Diary - 6 Months & Counting (Part 3)


I've spent all afternoon crying (I had a busy weekend and I'm tired, but don't tell the big people that.) They kept trying to make me go to sleep but I was too tired for that so fought it hard for about 17 minutes. The next thing you know I woke myself up starving because I'd slept through second lunch. Cried some more.


One of the big ones sneezed today. Possibly the most interesting thing I've seen them do. Apart from when they turn their hand into a duck. That's brilliant.


Tried to do the rolling over thing during every nappy change. Makes things easier for the big people. They need all the help they can get.


Just noticed I haven't pooped since Tuesday night. Should I be worried? Maybe I should talk so someone about this. I used to poop all the time.


I'm a little bit obsessed with one of the big folk. I hate it when she goes out of the room. Not fussed about the fuzzy on though. To be honest, I don't really think he knows what he's doing. Don't tell him I said that.


The fuzzy one spent all morning checking my nappy. I think he was worried. I'd forgotten all about it. Then I had to go. When I finally gave him what he was waiting for he looked proper grossed out. Don't really know what he expected to find in there...


More big people came to the house today. How many are out there? One of them had the worst breath ever and insisted on kissing me on the bit of head above my nose. How's about no?! Sicked up on their clothes.