Mara's Diary - 6 Months & Counting (Part 4)


I laughed like one of the big people today, a proper belly laugh that ended with a squeal. Mummy is so funny! Then I got tired and screamed the house down. My life is so confusing.


Why am I not allowed the same food as the big people? They feed me and then feed themselves something different that looks much tastier. Seems quite selfish to me. I keep opening my mouth really, really wide but they won't share.


I've finally learned how to blow raspberries. Daddy taught me! That's how I wake him up in the morning to let him know I'm hungry.


Got to play with another baby today... Sort of... The baby is still inside my Aunty Samantha's tummy so I just spoke to baby through her dress because that's where she's hiding it.


Have perfected a very dramatic yawn which is full of noises and hand gestures so that everyone knows when I'm tired. The stage awaits me..!


Daddy took me to the Disney shop today to buy me stuff for our first family holiday, he failed!
He bought me a skirt, a teddy and a giant cushion instead! Mummy wasn't happy! Hahaha!


Tried to wriggle off  the side of  the big people's bed today but they stopped me. Where is their sense of adventure?