Mara's Diary - 8 Months & Counting (Part 5)

Sorry, its been a while! I've been busy being a baby and stuff, you know?!


I'm a genius, I came up with a new word at the weekend - dada! The funny thing is, every time I say it now, the fuzzy one keeps answering me and talking and laughing at me. What's his deal?


My gums have been really sore recently but mummy gives me this amazing little bag of powder that makes them feel better. She calls it tooth cocaine...


Tried to roll under the sofa this morning when the fuzzy one wasn't looking, he caught me though.
He has no sense of adventure.


I had a long lie this morning. Woke up in a really good mood and even forgot I was hungry. Then I remembered I was hungry and scared the big people by squealing for my breakfast.


Drank some bath water tonight. Apparently, I'm not allowed to do this.


The big people have been trying to get me to sleep in my own room in my big girl cot. That's not happening until they get some decent music on the baby monitor, its proper shit! The fuzzy one has got it set to playing classical music! What's that all about? Get some Calvin Harris or Green Day on!


My gums were really hurting me again tonight, but mummy gave me this little purple drink that tasted like cherries and it made me really happy! I had the best sleep ever. Definitely need to get my hands on that stuff again, sharpish!

Baby Lindsay, where are you? There's so much I want to show you and teach you! You can come out of Aunty Sam's tummy now! xxx