Review: The Rad Dad Box

The next big thing appears to be the monthly subscription box.
I've seen loads of them promoted online, mostly geared towards young women and new/pregnant mums. Until recently though, none really catered for guys, dads - more to the point, new dads.
This is where The Rad Dad Box comes in.
Unknown to me, Marie & George, my in-laws, bought me the first box for my birthday after I suggested it as a possible gift (Getting on a bit now, you know!)

After building up a rapport on Instagram with the creator of The Rad Dad Box, Michelle, she asked if I would be interested in reviewing their second box (on sale in December) in exchange for an honest review.
Obviously I jumped at the chance given how good the first one was! Having watched Michelle build a following on Instagram and promote her ideas for her subscription box it was too good an opportunity to pass up.
Also, I'm among the first few people in the UK to receive a Rad Dad Box!! I like to think of myself as some sort of trail-blazer, and I'm delighted to be able to introduce this concept to my readers

Simply presented in a box emblazoned with their logo of a Dad & baby penguin, it was great fun to sit with Mara and discover what was inside. 

So what was included in the box? 

North Woods Soap by Suds Bath & Body
A manly smelling soap with a good lather that is all natural and handmade in Minnesota and has the added incentive of being wrapped in a plantable seeded paper "which will produce a bloom of wild flowers when planted." How cool is that? A little Spring project for Mara to grow some flowers!

- Wooden Photo Frame
 A modest wooden photo frame for a 6x4 print that will look great on our staircase photo wall (when I get around to putting all the other photo frames up to create the staircase photo wall!)

- Pop Art Camera
An Andy Warhol-esque camera (old style, with a 35mm film and everything!) that automatically turns your images into a four square, four colour fun image.

- Unitensil by Theo Stewart-Stand
A re-useable fork/knife/spoon set for dads on the go. In my line of work I'm sometimes limited to what I can eat due to a lack of cutlery, usually just sandwiches, I've never fancied eating pasta or a salad with my fingers, so this will make a huge difference to me and my diet! Probably my favourite item in the box.

- Donut Rattle by Cheengoo
A hand crocheted rattle made by artisans in China who are paid a fair wage for their work
Aside from the fuzzy cardboard packaging inside the box, this is definitely Mara's favourite item, she has played with it every day since our Rad Dad Box arrived.

- My Dad Loves Me Board Book
A simple board book to read to Mara featuring an array of dad animals and their babies illustrated with all the ways a dad shows his love to his children. Perfect for teaching different animals and actions.

- Sloth Bib from Fred & Friends
An awesome bib with a happy sloth sewn on the front. Mara was sick on it literally moments after we tried it on her, I think this means she liked it...

- Fatherhood Comic by Milk Rice Comics
A sweet depiction of parenting observations. This one shows Tummy Time between a dad and baby.

- The Rad Dad Badge
The *famous* Rad Dad Badge! I can't wait to pin this to Mara's changing bag when we head out for our Dadurday adventures! Dadurday is every Saturday that I'm not working, Mara and I head out on our own and go shopping or visiting friends and family. As she gets older, these daddy/daughter days will become more elaborate and adventurous!

(Click the link where highlighted and it will take you directly to the products page.)

Any of my readers, fellow mum & dad bloggers, Instagrammers or really anyone looking for something that's just that little bit different to give as a gift should look no further than the Rad Dad Box, and as an added incentive you can enter the coupon code MARA at checkout to bag 
yourself and extra 10% off purchases.

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