10 Things Ive Learned As A New Daddy - Part 22

1. Mexican chicken flavoured baby vomit feels and smells as disgusting as it sounds.
(It was a bit like this... But with added carrots!)

2. Bath time with Mara is ever evolving. The way she wriggles about in the bath just now I can only equate to watching Shamu in the splash zone at Sea World!

3. I'll never understand Mara's taste buds. She'll quite happily try to chow down on a bit of kitchen roll but turns her nose up at a bit of tangerine!

4. We are raising a baby Dilophosaurus. She's started doing this pantomime cough while getting fed and spraying her dinner all over me.

5. Now that Mara is trying to crawl, and is fearless in her attempts, our house is currently like a miniature version of Jackass. Nothing is too dangerous. She's just upped the stakes.

6. There's also this look on her face as she hauls herself "Marine Style" across the floor towards us - a blend of determination, pride, concentration and sheer strength. That look will never get old.

7. When your baby sicks up straight in to your eye, it's difficult to resist the urge to do it right back...

8. Caroline has always been the creative one in our relationship - baking, drawing, profanities - but she has excelled herself with the fantastic Christmas Eve box she's created for Mara. It's going to be one of our first new family traditions.

9. Apparently my daughter has eyes like a hawk. She can spot a bit of glitter in the carpet from 10 feet away but can't see the coffee table as she commando rolls towards it.

10. All I want for Christmas is for Mara to get her two front teeth! She's halfway there and the second is almost poking through!

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