Maras Diary - 10 Months And Counting (Part 6)


I've got teeth! At last! Thank God the pain is over and I can get on with my life and general baby stuff! Celebrated a bit by putting things in my mouth all day.


Today I met another baby. Now, normally I'm not fussed but I quite liked this one. It made me feel a bit strange, like when I've had a some milk and not been burped.


I'm a genius! I had this idea for a great new game today called 'Throw All The Things On The Floor Over And Over Again For Ages'. (Admittedly it needs a snappier name but you get the idea.) The grown ups get to play too. They keep picking everything up so I can keep the game going!


I was having an amazing nap on the sofa, all snuggled up in my blankie, when the big people tried to move me upstairs to my cot. So I screamed the house down. Who takes an afternoon nap in their cot? Even though I was rudely awakened and I was still sleepy, I refused to go back to sleep out of principle. I'm not normally one to rebel, but I have to make my feelings very clear on this!

(Note from Dad - We won this battle, despite her "fighting talk!")


I'm pretty certain somebody has been reading my diary and telling everyone about it. I have my suspicions that it's that fuzzy clown desperate for a laugh at my expense. Well know this, in return for your theft I've just thrown up a little somewhere in the living room. Good luck finding it, because I'm not telling you where.


What is wrong with the big people?! I feel like no one understands me sometimes. We will play 'Throw All The Things On The Floor Over And Over Again For Ages' when I want to. Just because I throw something from my high chair onto the floor doesn't mean that I actually want it back! I'm showing my creative side! However, those frittata/muffin things you made for me and Joshua, dad? They were gross, that's why they went on the floor. Even Elvis didn't want them and he'll eat anything!


I had the worst dream ever last night, I dreamt that I was one of the big people. It was awful. There were so many things to do, no time to do them, and something about 'responsibilities'. And to top it all off, I looked terrible. I'm quite happy being little thanks!

PS - Mummy's blaming Elvis for chewing through the phone line at Christmas... It was really me, but don't tell her, my teeth were sore. And anyway, he's got previous!