Desert Island Discs

A couple of weeks back I was tagged by @Hux_Life to write a Desert Island Discs style post, but life kinda got in the way! However, here it is! My theme is songs that hold memories for me. In case you're not aware of the songs, I've included the links to the music videos. (Click the artist/song to take you to the videos!)

1. Little Mix - Black Magic
Black Magic was out when Caroline was pregnant with Mara and she used to go daft kicking and wriggling away in utero. Now when it plays she has a little wiggle and a smile, like she remembers it!

2. Paolo Nutini - No Other Way
This was our first dance at our wedding back in 2010 and holds a lot of special memories for us. Exactly a year later, when we were out in Glasgow celebrating our 1st anniversary, Paolo was sitting right across from us in the restaurant we were in!

3. Supermen Lovers - Starlight
This song is infectiously happy and makes my day every time I hear it! The video is ridiculous with the weird little potato men, but the song doesn't get old!

4. Post Modern Jukebox - Creep
On one of our last trips to Las Vegas we heard a lounge singer in Rose. Rabbit. Lie in The Cosmopolitan sing this song originally, then I found the version she got her inspiration from thanks to Post Modern Jukebox who in turn have taken a Radiohead song and made it so much better thanks to the vocals from Hayley Reinhart! Phew! Her voice is amazing!

5. Jason DeRulo - Want To Want Me
Another song with amazing memories from Las Vegas. Caroline spent ages working on a Flipagram video to go along with the tune. An amazing holiday with my amazing family!! Watch our video here - Las Vegas Flipagram!

6. Jack Johnson - Angel
This song is featured on our wedding video. I asked our videographer to capture Caroline in the bridal suite getting ready for the wedding. It turned out beautifully.
I also used to sing this to Mara every night in SCBU after she was born. I still sing it to her sometimes today.
Jack Johnson is one of my favourite artists and his songs are so simple yet so meaningful. He wrote this song not only for his wife, but for his children too.

7. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Ed Sheeran - Growing Up (Sloane's Song)
Its a song about a guy's fear of becoming a dad, written to his unborn daughter and the lyrics are so open and honest.
While Caroline was pregnant I could relate. I didn't know what kind of dad I would or could be, but any feelings of doubt I had in my abilities disappeared the first time I saw Mara and were completely forgotten about the first time I held her in my arms. I think that was probably the happiest, and proudest I have ever been.

8. Muse - Supermassive Black Hole
This is one of my favourite songs ever, from my favourite band ever! Whenever I have a bad day I stick this on and crank the volume as far as it will go! Utterly amazing to see it performed live a few years back when Muse were on tour.
 Its my other go-to feel good track. Also, I liked it long before its association with Twilight!

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