10 Things Ive Learned As A New Dad - Part 25

1. Mara (or Pudge as I affectionately call her) has made it very clear that its our job to feed her, and she's not interested in holding her own bottle to feed herself.

2. Our house still isn't ready for "Dad Jokes"...

3. Nappies are about to become a 2 person job. Mara has discovered a penchant for trying to throw shitty nappies at us!

4. I've become increasingly excited about the new episodes of Elena of Avalor airing on Disney Junior on a Saturday morning. What is happening to me?!

5. Caroline and I usually go to bed between 11pm and midnight. If Mara could stop waking up at 3.30am EVERY morning, without fail, that would be grand. More than 4 hours of unbroken sleep would feel incredible.

6. My theory that Mara is part goat is proving true. We were at Mill Farm on Sunday and she was loving the goats there. Not only that, I put some YouTube videos of Goat Fails on the TV the other night and she thought it was hysterical!

7. You know you're a modern parent when your kid is covered head to toe in what was supposed to be their dinner and you upload a photo to your Instagram account before bothering to clean them up. Click this link to head to my Instagram to see what I'm talking about!

8. Justin's House is a new favourite. Not for me, for Pudge. I find it a little sinister.

9. Mara's current level of motion:
  • About to fall over, 
  • In the process of falling over,
  • Has just fallen over.
10. I've now decided its acceptable to leave the house with food stains on my clothes. Whether I slittered when I was eating, or Mara smooshes her food covered hands into my clothes, she gets the blame!

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