10 Things Ive Learned As A New Dad - Part 26

1. Post-Mara, half an hour on the couch with a HOT cup of tea is the equivalent of  an all inclusive fortnight in the Caribbean.

2. Mara sure has a lot of attitude for someone who drinks her own bath water. 

3. Mara's a little bit unsure just now if her name is actually Mara or no.

4. She's discovered how to give kisses! Basically, she opens her mouth like the wee beluga whale in Finding Dory and slobbers all over us, but the sentiment is there!

5. When did biting become a thing?! I'm not a bloody chew toy love!

6. We have a potential problem with boys... Mara rugby tackled Joshua to the ground last weekend!

7. Teething can fuck right off! I was about to OD on Calpol last week myself to see if it would stop the screaming.

8. I've started to get disappointed when an episode of Doc McStuffins comes on and I've already watched it.

9. Mara's a feeder. She loves sticking her breadsticks/chewed raisins/sausages etc. in our mouths rather than eat them herself.

10. She's almost walking! Getting gallas as my gran would say!