Supernova 5K Run 2017 : Part 1 - Sponsored Post

Hi everyone!

This November I'll be taking part in the Supernova 5K Run at The Kelpies in Falkirk, and I'll be working alongside the organisers for the next few months with a few blogs detailing my progress in the run up to the event and beyond.

So, a brief intro.
I'm Mark, aka Thoughts Of A First Time Dad, 32, married to Caroline and dad to our little girl Mara who is 17 months old just now. By day I'm a bathroom installer for our family's business and in my spare time (which is a luxury as a parent!) I like to write.

I'm really excited to be taking part in the Supernova 5K run again. I ran it last year and it was an amazing experience to run around Helix Park at night and see The Kelpies lit up in all their splendour. Some of the other participants actually gave the Kelpies a run for their money with their neon, flashing outfits!
Don't get me wrong it was absolutely freezing, 8pm on a Sunday night in mid-November running around Falkirk in shorts!
However, based purely on that experience, I have signed up to do it again this year and I can't wait!

I recently competed in one of those well known obstacle courses and it let me see just how unfit I've become, especially since I've acquired quite the "dad bod" of late, but since finishing that event its given me a bit of a boost in my training and I've started working out at home 3-4 times a week with Caroline.
Granted, we're getting up stupidly early so we can get the work out done before Mara wakes up, but the early morning work out sets you up for the rest of the day. Unless it falls on a Saturday, and I do the workout on my own while Caroline is at work and have Mara laughing at me for half an hour, or worse, try to take part while I'm trying to do press ups!

Thanks for following my progress and I'll post another update soon.