10 Things Ive Learned As A New Dad - Part 27

1. Does anyone know what "didin" means? This is Mara's favourite word just now! Everything is didin. We starting to think she has an imaginary friend as she keeps looking beyond us into the distance, pointing and waving to something that isn't there! Either that or she's us the Jaws Theme, which is also a bit weird. Didin... Didin... Didin didin didin didin...

2. Children's TV shows should come with warnings at the beginning.
"This programme contains songs and scenes that some viewers may find incredibly annoying..."

3. I hoovered our sofa the other day, rusk crumbs everywhere. When you hit the cushion it was like when you blow a dandelion! Bits of stuff dancing around. We're not gross, honestly, we have a toddler! Crumbs are the least of our problems!

4. You can either have kids, or you can have a lie-in. Caroline and I now talk about lie-ins like something from days gone by like Safeway, or Blockbuster Video.

5. Mara has recently discovered crayons. As have our walls, doors and radiator in the living room. Also, as I'm typing this, I've just noticed a streak of yellow across the laptop. FML.

6. Moana, on repeat, is life now. Every time I hear or read "You're Welcome" I start signing the song from the movie in my head. Occasionally I do it out loud.

7. People can be all kinds of rude. I'm still seething over that old crone in The Gyle the other week.

8. Mara has the Ella's Kitchen version of Cheerio's for breakfast in the morning, for some reason I've started referring to them as bagel seeds.

9. Parenthood is the most amazingly, beautiful trauma you will ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

10. Tiny Toes has started saying something that sounds like "Hi Daddy" and it hits me right in the feels every time. It's so genuine and lovely it turns me into a total melt!

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