Supernova 5K Run 2017 : Part 2 - Sponsored Post

Hi everyone, and welcome to Part 2 of my Supernova Run experience.

Since my last update not a lot has been happening, work and my daughter are a bit of a hindrance on my training. Mara is in something of a sleep regression just now thanks to the parenting delight that is teething.
I should really try and get up in the morning before she does to go out for a run before work, but as she is currently waking up randomly between 1am and 6.30am on any given day it makes it a little harder to try and have a schedule and I'm doing all I can just to stay awake through the day. By the time bedtime comes I'm too knackered to go out so training for my Supernova event is very intermittent at the moment. Fingers crossed the sleep thing sorts itself out in the coming weeks.

In other news, I'm currently on vacation at Center Parcs in the Lake District - a very active holiday for those of you who haven't visited a Center Parcs before... Working well with the lack of sleep. I'm about 70% coffee!
I have been doing a lot of swimming in the pool with Mara which will help me no end when I inevitably fall into the lake at Helix Park while trying to run around it in the dark.

Caroline and I have been playing a fair bit of badminton, aiding me in breaking in my new trainers for running. I'm currently getting whipped by my wife - she's better at badminton than she lets on.

Despite the swimming and badminton, my training is on hold this week while I eat my own body weight in the delicious cakes available at the deli - this DadBod won't maintain itself!

One top tip I have for all of  you parent runners struggling with time - if you can afford it, invest in one of those fancy buggies you can go jogging with and take the little ones. If anyone would like to send one for me to review I'd be more than happy to oblige!
It means I would have the opportunity to work on my fitness and spend some extra time with my daughter and not have to compromise.

Until next time.

Mark @ TOAFTD x