Supernova 5k Run 2017 : Part 3 - Sponsored Post

Hello again everyone, welcome to Part 3 of my Supernova Run Blog.

Its now only 3 weeks until I'm put through my paces at The Kelpies in this years Supernova 5k, and almost a year to the day since I completed my first. Handily enough, its also the same weekend as my birthday so the run is a little gift to myself!

Last year I managed a time of 0:31:58, so the aim for this year (I'll be lucky) is to make it under the 30 minute mark - no mean feat when you've got a toddler to chase around all day, plus work, plus little to no training time!  I should be able to claim back a few seconds on my time though as not 2 minutes out of the start line last year and I slipped on the wet grass and landed on my butt. It took me a little bit to get back up and catch my breath again, so fingers crossed I start better this year!

I'm feeling positive about this years event, and can't wait to feel the buzz of excitement in the air, it gives you a little boost to push yourself harder. The Kelpies & Helix Park is part of a great regeneration project in Falkirk, and to see those magnificent water-horse sculptures lit up against the black sky as you come out of the park towards them is a beautiful back drop to run to. Once you're round them, its only another 1.5k or so to the finish line, and you can start to hear the spectators who have lined up to cheer on the participants.

One piece of advice I would give anyone who hasn't run in the event before, try and prepare for all weathers. It is a night time run, in Scotland in the middle of November!
Gloves and thermal running gear under your outfit/normal running attire is strongly advised!
Last year, the under-armour I wore was more suited to summer weather. It was designed to "keep you cool as you run" and I last used them when I ran a 5k & 10k in Las Vegas! Not much difference weather wise huh?!

As for my outfit, last year I was all in black with some glow sticks hung around my neck and wrists.
This year will be slightly more neon thanks to Samantha from Supernova HQ who has designs on me wearing LED trainer clips, Glow in the dark Tattoos, LED glasses and Leg Warmers, and she also wants to take pictures of me dressed like this! Its all good, I'm up for it and compared to the effort some of the runners put in last year I'll be slightly underdressed in comparison!

I'll check back in post-run. I'm sure you'll be keen to see if I end up falling in the lake or not...
Best of luck to everyone taking part this year, I hope the weather is good to us and thanks again to Supernova for staging, what I'm sure will be, another incredible night!