Supernova 5k Run 2017 : Part 4 - Sponsored Post

Well, if you're reading this,  I'm obviously still alive!
In other news I ended up not falling into the lake on the way round the course so that's also cause for celebration!

Let me set the scene...
Its Friday 10th November 2017, its something ridiculous like 2 degrees outside and I'm standing in Helix Park, Falkirk with well over a thousand other people of varying ages, shapes and sizes, all dressed up in our best colourful (sometimes questionable*) running gear and costumes soaking up the electric buzz in the air in preparation for our run.
Around the start line the music was pumping courtesy of Clyde 1, and 10 minutes before the run starts an en-masse warm up. Having been stood around in the freezing cold for half an hour I thought bits of me might drop off if I was too enthusiastic with the warm up, but I gave it my best attempt.
When I registered, I put my estimated time down as 45 mins. Now, to you seasoned runners who can knock out a 5K in under 20 minutes, you're probably thinking "Pfffttt", but when you've done minimal training as you're currently at that stage in parenting where you can't even go for a pee in peace because you're being shadowed by a toddler, you begin to understand!

Headlamps switched on, countdown from 10 and we're off. I didn't fall running out of the starting line either this time, so - win! Seeing thousand of the headlamps bobbing around the course is pretty special in itself, but coupled with all the runners neon extravaganza's and The Kelpies looking resplendent in the distance it really is an incredible sight to see.

About 15/20 minutes in, I'm just approaching the 3K marker when I begin to see the serious runners heading back towards the finish line. Damn you fast people who are able to run and train on a regular basis while me and my dadbod plod along at the back blowing out of my behind!!! With The Kelpies in sight and knowing I was past the halfway point I started to pick up my pace and began enjoying my run along the side of the canal towards the towering structures. Before long, I couldn't even feel the cold, the only give away was the tears streaming down my face from the chilly night air!

Last 0.5K in sight, towards the immaculately lit finish line, a final wee burst of energy along the bumpy grass lined with the cheering spectators who had been stood there for who knows how long and I'm done. Shuffling through the finishers area, I collect my medal, goodie bag and some well earned bottled water and post-run snacks. My phone pings with my official finish time, 00:34:54.
Overall finish position: 705 out of 1300.
95 out of 160 in my category (Male under 35

So, I ended up being just shy of 3 minutes slower than the previous year. Middle of the pack, which I'm ok with considering I stopped a few times to take photo's for this post and I've done nothing but eat recently. I'm hardly Usain Bolt! The closest I've really come to the gym this year is driving past it on my way to the Starbucks drive thru when I'm out with Mara on a Saturday!

I gave Samantha from the events team a call to say I was done and slumped over beside the first aid tent (I could have done with a few puffs of oxygen if I'm honest!) and she came to find me for some photos. I just want to take the time here to thank Samantha for all of her support and for this opportunity to work alongside her, it's been great fun!
Once the photo's were done, it was time to drive back home, have a shower and grab a cup of tea to heat up and wind down... At least that's what I thought I would do! Mara was still awake (after 10pm!) as she wanted to see me before bed, so I showered, took her upstairs, read a couple of stories and promptly fell asleep myself!

The Supernova 5K was a real pleasure to run, especially with those magnificent horses as a backdrop. A visual spectacle with a superb atmosphere.
Thanks to the stewards and organisers for a well planned out and thoroughly enjoyable event.
If you want to try a run that's just a little bit different from the norm, then find your nearest Supernova event. Tickets for 2018's events are already on sale. Visit here -

 *I have some questionable running garments in my possession, I know!

Thanks for reading along these past few months, and I'll maybe see you next year!