10 Things Ive Learned As A Dad - Part 28

1) Mara lived quite happily in a tidy womb for 7 months but now cant leave a room tidy for more than 7 seconds.

2) That moment when you're wolfing down on Mara's leftovers and Caroline says "She spat most of that out you know..." Well...This DadBod wont maintain itself!

3) Until quite recently Caroline hasn't ever thrown anything out, EVER. Mara appears to be heading in the same direction. She remembers that she gave you a ripped up tissue a fortnight ago and now wants it back. Cue a hasty hunt for a new tissue to rip up...

4) A toddler's mood can change faster and more unexpectedly than the temperature on an unfamiliar shower. Roll on the terrible two's.

5) You know what really compliments a nice meal? Wine & Cocktails? Ambience? Location? No. Changing a horrendous nappy halfway through eating. Cheers love.

6) Hell hath no fury like Mara when you turn CBeebies off. Thankfully, we're over our Moana phase for now, but Mr Tumble, he's the current favourite. Yaaaay...

7) People can be right arseholes when they see that you've bagged the last good sledge in Morrisons and they're left with the choice of the one with the big crack in it or taking the kids out sledging on a bin bag. "You sure you don't want to just give me that sledge for the bairns mate, you don't look like you need it." Its a child's sledge moron, of course I don't need it, it's for my f**king child.

8) Mara has more stuffed toys than I have pairs of socks! I really need to look in to buying shares in the Disney Store!

9) If you're following us on Instagram or Facebook you'll have seen Mara's shenanigans recently (Aw Naw!) Move over Cameron Diaz, There's Something About Mara! Her comedic timing is everything.

10) Last night she slept in her big girl bed for the first time. It was quite emotional! My baby is growing up fast and I do and don't want her to in equal measure.

Its been a wee while since my last proper, unsponsored post hasn't it?!
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Lastly, we put our lovely home up for sale on Tuesday!
It's been great living here for the past 9 years, but its time for a change and we feel that now is the time to do it while Mara is still young.
We'll keep you posted as to what's happening and where we end up, but no doubt there will be lots of new adventures to be had before, during and after the move, whenever that may be.
As you can see in the pic below, Elvis isn't that bothered!