What does it mean to be a dad?

Fatherhood does not stop at conception.
Fatherhood does not stop at birth.
Fatherhood is a lifelong commitment.

A commitment to a child and a partner to be, at the minimum, present and at maximum a superhero.
Hit any point on that spectrum and you'll be a hero to your child. In reality, you only need to hit somewhere in the middle to prove you are a dad of worth.

You are not being called upon to be perfect.
You are not expected to be unbreakable.
Nobody requires you to have all the answers.

All a child wants is to be loved. To be held tight and reassured that, no matter what, daddy has always got you.

As a dad, you have it in you. You may doubt yourself, others may doubt you and in some cases your partner may doubt you. Your new baby doesn't. Your new baby already loves you. Your new baby will always love you. Your new baby just wants you to be there for them when they reach out their tiny hands. They want the comfort that you are able to give. They are fragile entities that need their parents to nurture them. Giving them life is not enough. Teaching them life is what is required.

The boost in life that you can bring to your child if you just start with the basics is immeasurable.
Be there. Be involved.
Circumstances can be difficult. I'm not saying that every parent has an easy ride. This does not excuse you from being a dad though. If anything, it is a call for you to step up to the plate and not allow whatever the situation is to jeopardise your ability to be a dad.

Forget about the statistics, and the surveys, the research and the experts that spout percentages about having both parents involved with the raising of a child. The text is not important. No baby or child cares about what is written in a book. No child cares about what outcomes a study has come by.
A child just needs you to be there, and to want to be there. There is no replacing the love and affection that comes from a dad to his child.

Choose to be present in the lives of your children, whether they be biologically yours, fostered, adopted, surrogated. The list goes on.
Love them. Hold them. Let them be your world, because you are theirs.
You, and they, will gain so much from having each other in your lives.
Parenthood isn't easy, but the basics of being a dad are. Everybody has a different situation, but it all starts with the simplest thing of all, BE PRESENT.
The stronger the bonds fathers form with their babies early on, the stronger their relationships will be down the line.

Being a father takes little effort, it’s simple and does not require much in the way of emotional investment.
Being a dad is a difficult, rewarding, lifelong responsibility.
You become a father as soon as your child is born. To become a dad, well you have to earn that title through hard work and dedication to your children.

Be the best dad you can be.

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