10 Things I've Learned As A New Daddy This Week (Part 2)

1. How to change a nappy like a ninja. I have mastered the art of the new nappy without waking her up!

2. When changing said nappy, Mara seems to think that it's an appropriate time to pee on me. Or all over her incubator.
Or worse.

3. Keeping the nurses in SCBU sweet with cakes and pastries is the way forward. Then, when you ask them for something out of the ordinary they're more likely to oblige! Subtle bribery is a great tool! Wait until I break out the big guns. 

4. Hospital food served up in the canteen isn't half as bad as you'd think. They make a mean Sweet & Sour chicken up there.

5. There are currently more bunnies around Mara's incubator than there are babies in the SCBU ward! 

6. My daughter and I appear to have our very own language. She makes all these little groans and squeaks and croaks which I repeat back to her and then she makes more noises when I'm done!

7. I'm too judgemental for my own good. I mean, if you thought I was bad before...!

8. My apprentice at work is very naive (bless!) When we ran out of milk for Mara last Sunday and I was called at 3am to bring some in he pondered over this fact for two days before asking why the nurses couldn't just nip over to the shops to pick up a carton of milk to see her through... He is 19.

9. Like both of us, Mara appears to be able to sleep through anything. Other babies crying in the room? Alarms for various monitors going off? Doors being slammed shut? She's not at all bothered. 

10. My in-laws are even more awesome than before. From keeping two houses going, picking up the slack at work while Caroline and I are in the hospital, cooking dinners, looking after Elvis and running errands back and forth to name some of the things they've done recently, it's  totally appreciated and we couldn't have managed the last couple of weeks without you two to lean on. 
So, Thank You Both!!