Thoughts Of A New Baby (Part 1)

1. My eyes are literally bigger than my belly. Mummy's milk is so tasty I don't know when to stop.

2. The big people are always making fools of themselves trying to make me laugh.
They think they're hilarious. Me? Not so much!

3. Mummy gives me amazing cuddles.

4. I cried all night last night and refused to nap when I was supposed to. The big people seem a bit tired today and I'm not sure why. I'm fine. More of the same tonight works for me.

5. I pooed myself awake at 05.00am today, then again at 07.00am. That'll wake you up in the morning, for sure!

6. Grannie appears to like washing my clothes so I've made sure she has plenty of washing to occupy her time.

7.  Daddy was showing me a picture of Las Vegas last night, I think I'd quite like to go there sometime. So to show my appreciation, during every nappy change yesterday I gave mummy, daddy, grannie & grandad my own impromptu performance of the famous Bellagio Fountains.
I was so good at it I even managed to wee on my own sleeve!

8. I like to watch disaster movies at 04.00am in the morning with my daddy, all the noises and explosions are quite soothing. This morning we watched San Andreas. I don't like the quiet. SCBU was noisy all the time.

9. I blew bubbles in the bath tonight... with my bottom! Poobles! 

10. I've acquired a tonne of clothes. toys and books and am very grateful to everyone who came to visit me during my stay in SCBU at St. John's. Thanks very much you lovely other big people!