Organ Donation

What would you do?

Should the worst ever happen, and you were to die, where do you stand on donating your organs?

This is in no way meant to be a controversial post or anything, just thought provoking.

The reason for this post? Given that we've recently moved house, we took steps to register ourselves with our new local doctors surgery. We had to fill out forms and such, and one of the questions was "In the event of your death would you like to donate your organs?" It suggested all usable tissues or gave a selection of items that could be harvested.

Me personally? Well, I give blood on a regular basis and I am on the Anthony Nolan & DKMS bone marrow registers, but I'm a bit funny when it comes to my organs. Don't get me wrong, if a family member or friend needed a new kidney or liver tissue I'd be at the front of the queue to be tested and see if I could match for them, but my eyes, lungs or heart? I can't put my finger on what exactly it is, but it scares me a little to think I wouldn't have them, like somehow a part of who I am would be, for want of a better word, missing. Don't ask me to explain it, I honestly can't.

Caroline, on the other hand, says that "they" can take everything that would still be viable. 
In the event of her death she would want someone to benefit from our tragedy. Yet, she doesn't give blood or anything as she is terrified of needles. Maybe her faith has something to do with her decision. Who knows?

We talked about Mara too, and decided that this should be a decision she should make when she is old enough to make it and understand what it means. 
IF anything was ever to happen, and Mara required a transplant of some kind, would we want her to have it? Of course, what parent wouldn't? 

I know that there are some who wouldn't based on their religions and which deity they follow. I'm not trying to lambast anyone's faith, and I respect other people's beliefs, these are just the thoughts that have been rattling around in my head since we filled out the forms.

At any one time, due to a shortage of organs, more than 500 people in Scotland are waiting for an organ to become available to give them the transplant they desperately need. 
Having done a bit of research, I know that the government are planning to move to a policy of "presumed consent." A 2017 consultation found that 82% of respondents favoured the move.
A soft opt-out policy - similar to the one introduced in Wales in 2015 - would allow parts of an adults body to be used in transplants in the absence of express permission. However, the wishes of the families and next of kin would continue to be respected, so removal of organ would not go ahead without their support.

I'm not being sponsored by anyone to write this post, they're just simply my thoughts.
Is it something you have thought about?
Back to my first question - what would you do?